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Welcome to the Tigers Marlion Pickett!


This is a REAL tiger
Mar 8, 2004
He should give classes in how to hit and how to tackle and hurt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do it so well. His timing is exquisite.
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Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
No other AFL would touch him with a bargepole even on the mid season draft those few short years ago. Our recruiters saw something in him and coaches and culture did the rest. Now we have a much loved attacking weapon that scares the living sh*t out of opponents
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Tiger Superstar
Jul 17, 2011
get him to 100 games at all costs, then give him a job in the indigenous centre, ensure those 4 young boys of his remain around punt road!!!!!
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Tiger Superstar
Jun 3, 2003
Loving Marly.
There was a ball on the wing near the boundary and 2 Bummers players where raffling it when Marly pounced like a wild Tiger, won the ball and sent it forward.
He's rough and tough and has elbows like chisels.
He's the closest thing we have to Justin Olam from the Mighty Melbourne Storm!
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