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Welcome to the Tigers Marlion Pickett!


Nank should grow a mullet.
Mar 17, 2003
His wife and kids are the obvious dependents,

But its also plausible his sudden fame and his culture collide to create a stack of dependents.

I feel pretty reassured Balmeys on it.

Altruism, fairness and club culture aside,

we want those kids well fed. important years for little tigers to lay done muscle and bone foundations

what a cool bloke. what's his story?
I don't know a great deal about him, other than him being heavily involved with the South Fremantle FC. Has done well out of real estate, and has been a AFL player manager for quite a few years.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 8, 2004
I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a strategic leak with Marlion aware of it.

No doubt he gets looked after in some capacity. A local restaurant will suddenly have meals delivered, a labouring job will pay more than it should. And if you don’t think Cotch is down the fox hole trying to find ways to help him, you don’t know the skip.

And Balmey is right, long term he’ll be fine. But here‘s the thing, this makes the journey Marlin has been on even more extraordinary. This will never be repeated, there will be poems, stories and movies made about this bloke.
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Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a strategic leak with Marlion aware of it.
From all the interviews and puff pieces about Marlion, he doesn't strike me as the sort of bloke that would feel comfortable with a leak unless the Club were in on it.
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Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
TF2017, Andy and Murph on drive home were discussing a supporter initiated Marlion GoFundMe page, (not sure if it was yours?), saying no way that money can or will make it's way to Marlion and it would be considered a rort.
doesnt take much to make it on the wireless does it?
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Baby Knighters is on board.
Aug 21, 2007
Not just plausible. From the original piece in The Age
Wouldn't be surprised, I was on the lash in Northcote many moons ago and Leon Davis appeared with an entourage. He was in his twilight, maybe even his last year? Had some good chats (well drunken ramblings that may have made little sense to an impartial and sober observer). I didn't see anyone putting their hand in their pocket all night. Expensive tab I'd reckon. What I found funny was how contrasted the behaviour of some of the entourage (especially the women) was with Leon's own demeanour. He was quiet and reserved and may not have been drinking at all. He took himself off to a quiet corner with one or two people while me and my new best mates had very deep and meaningful conversations about family and culture. Fun night but I've always remembered feeling an empathetic weariness for Davis.
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fastin bulbous

I Dig Syd
Mar 30, 2010
There’s a couple of very important questions I would like answered about this

1 why was a premiership star not put on the main list and a decent contract at the end of 19? It looked like a struggle in the Australian story piece when he was on full rookie wages. How could the club be blind to this? We have a few still on the main list who could have made way and been re rookied or not picked up on the main list in the 19 draft. Seems like a massive oversight by the club.

2 I would have thought Rance could have made way for Pickett when he retired. Without knowing anything about rance’s pay rates, I’d guess he could easily make way for a fair deal for Marlion. Why not?

as I said l, I don’t claim to have any knowledge of what’s going on but think this situation never needed to happen if there was a little more foresight. I am with those who criticise the aflpa as well. They seemed to have been protected the rights of the big boys to be privileged rather than considering the welfare of all. A symptom of money sickness I recon aka ‘protect my stuff and get more!’
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Jul 30, 2003
Chirnside Park
Yeah, as I mentioned, great way to avoid the salary cap, GoFundMe as a virtual brown paper bag.

It really is a difficult one if fans can't raise funds independent of the club.

I was thinking it is a beat up and that Marlion would be taken care of.

But the real issue here is that the AFLPA f***ed up and should have protected the income of those on rookie wages.

With Patrick "Me me me" Dangerfield at the helm, i doubt minnows like Pickett would have been high on his agenda.