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2020 Premier merchandise

22nd Man

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Aug 29, 2011
Essex Heights
Yes they were - they were available for pick up at the club (or you could choose scarf) prior to the lockdown starting.

It seemed like only a two week period that you could go and collect though given the lockdown so surely they will enable members to collect again at some other point now.
I hope so....they would have 50,000 oof them !
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Jun 4, 2006
Why produce the better items in such short supply?
Think the market has grown since their inception. Bought my first one after the 2013 GF for the individually numbered edition of the footy record; the poster was a bonus. Had a look around and saw there were still some 2012 available - in those days they were also sold by the AFL Shop. However in 2018 they printed 2000 - double the usual run. They were still available well into 2019.

For the Bulldogs they only printed 550.

The HS Shop does make an effort to look after collectors first and foremost, and I've received fantastic support from them on the occasions I've missed out online. But the number up for sale on eBay says a good chunk are going to profiteers.
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Oct 8, 2004
I have bought the men's polo for every premiership year. They really are not of the best quality. Doesn't take many washes for the logos to start to wear and tear badly. I get that the club wants to get them made as cheap as possible to maximize the profits. I'm OK with that.
But it would be nice if they (or someone) made a GOOD QUALITY polo with all three years listed on it, that would last. I would pay the extra for it.
Does anyone know of anything along these lines?

Having said that, the way things are going, we can get a new one every year so it probably doesn't matter. :)

unless its Puma keep your money.
The home made brand is best and less quality.
2 washes in the bin


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Aug 3, 2013
The first I've seen of the cans

2017 cans still the best, actually labelled as "Richmond Draught", but ill take this.
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Oct 8, 2004
Who reckons the Mark Knight premiership poster looks like a tiger that has been bitten by a bee?
That Tiger needs an Epi Pen..


Don't push me 'cos I'm close to the edge...
Aug 16, 2009
Hi all, for those who want a 2020 Premiership Limited Edition Heraldsun Black Poster today is the day for Richmond members.
At 10am today heraldsunshop will have information on what to do.
All that will be required is to email hsshop@news.com.au and attach a photo of your membership which has details of your name and membership number.
They will reply later in day and in return email you type in your membership code and you will be able to purchase today.
No rush and no fuss, you have all day!


Regards B1 go Tigers


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May 19, 2008

Hope not and don’t think so
I registered and got an email saying I’d been accepted and tonight got another one that looks like it’s from the HS to say I could go ahead and purchase
Mmmmmh now you’ve got me thinking!!!