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Walks softly carries a big stick.
Jul 13, 2003
Woo Hoo three for **** all against the Poms on a ground we haven't won at for half a lifetime. Was just thinking I should watch the game but guess I'll wait for the hit n giggle games to finish n watch the Tests instead.


Tear 'em apart
Sep 10, 2003
Totally out of his depth. If conditions are not ideal, some of these guys are hopeless.
sorts the wheat from the chaff. Fact is though we, and all sides for that matter, don't have enough wheat for a full side.

Yeah I reckon Carey is playing with a fractured jaw.

The Big Richo

Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
He's a tough bugger. Was his helmet loose for it to come off like that with a ball taken to the base of the grill?
I'm well out of the loop now but going back a few years most guys tended to wear their helmet straps loose so they could chew gum when they batted.

It's staggering how many elite cricketers are smokers.

MD Jazz

Tiger Champion
Feb 3, 2017
The stage is set for MS Dhoni here I reckon.

He's love to end his one day career as the great finisher by finishing this.
Not for mine, he is a selfish flog of the highest order.

They brought up the Herschelle Gibbs catch and the old you've dropped the world cup line comes up.

Asked if he said it, he goes something like that but it was 20 years ago, I can't really remember.

Translation: No, I didn't say it. It's a complete lie that I've let run over the years.
Don’t denigrate legends. Stick to massage.

MD Jazz

Tiger Champion
Feb 3, 2017
Carey should play the ashes and bat st 6. Play the 4 quicks plus Lyon. Unlucky for Paine but Carey is a serious batsman.
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