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Jan 18, 2014
Taylor declared with himself on 334. Hayden feasted his way to 380 against the might of Zimbabwe. It's a bit rough to have a go at Warner for doing his job properly.
Yeah, got that around the wrong way. It just seemed odd to me that he celebrated the single that took him off 334 like it was a milestone. He clearly knew the numbers and wanted the 2nd spot.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s neither here nor there, and a wonderful innings for him after England.


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Mar 8, 2004
I don't get it. I get people's dislike for warner, I think he's a knob myself, but. He was criticized for not making runs not long ago, now he's getting criticized for making runs . Not his fault the opposition are crap. He's paid to make runs and he's doing it at the moment
I think he’s one of those people that supporters of all types just like to dislike. It seems like there’s always something to knock about Warner.


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Mar 1, 2015
In regards to Warner, I think most cricket purists have never been able to cop him and after the tampering situation I reckon the majority thought he should never have played again.
He's an extremely polarising figure and he's not someone you can endear yourself to, like Lillee, AB or Gilchrist.
He wasn't the humble type early, and it appears what's transpired hasn't changed his persona.
IMO he concocted the sandpaper saga because he was affronted by onfield sledging which is ironic as he was supposedly the world leader in that field. Always been about him.
Unsure if he could ever become a Richmond Man!


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Jun 18, 2007
Broad owned Warner in England. Warner's head was in a muddle, and Broad bowled magnificently. I don't think I've ever seen a bowler bowl better to an opponent over the course of a series. What Broad can do around the wicket to a leftie, angling in and swinging/seaming away, with bounce from his great height, is phenomenal. And Warner's head got further in a muddle. To twice edge behind attempting to leave is indicative of his lack of clarity, especially for a see-ball, hit-ball type like him.

I get he's a knob. A bogan. Not very bright. He cheated. (And paid the price.) But you cannot deny how hard this bloke has worked to get where he is. To be 300 not out and haring up and down the pitch running 3s for your teammate takes supreme fitness. His teammates seem to like him.

As for going past Bradman, why the **** not? Bradman had no regard for other people's records. Nobody criticised Hayden for going past him. Taylor didn't declare on the same score out of respect, he tried his damndest to hit the last ball of day two of that game past the fielder, but it was saved. He declared overnight because Australia had batted for two days and were 4/600 and because to bat on would be putting the record above trying to win the game. Warner passed Bradman with time left in the second session on day two. Australia declared and got a wicket before the dinner break and has Pakistan 6/96 at the same stage in the game Taylor declared.

If you want to talk about the state of cricket to denigrate his achievements, then you have to downgrade 'best since Bradman' Smith as well. That he makes most of his runs in Australia is a valid criticism, just as it is a valid criticism of Greg Chappell that he never toured India and basically was a stay at home cricketer for the second half of his career. Warner struggles against the swinging Duke in England - name me an Aussie batsman in the last 15 years who hasn't. Facing Broad and Anderson is a lot harder than facing Neil Foster and Phil De Freitas.

Chappell averaged 40 in England, easily his worst country. He made 16 of his 24 Test centuries in Australia. What's Warner - 17 of 23? Is that much of a difference? Hayden scored 21 of his 30 Test 100s in Australia - has that ever been mentioned? Hayden averaged 34 in England compared to 58 in Australia. Ponting 42 v 57 (and 27 in India for Punter).

Australia's Test centurions
Ponting 41 (23 in Aus, 4 in Eng, 1 in India, 5 in WI)
S.Waugh 32 (15 in Aus, 7 in Eng)
Hayden 30 (21 in Aus)
Bradman 29 (18 in Aus, 11 in Eng)
Border 27 (13 in Aus, where he averaged 46, 5 in Eng, where he averaged 65. AB averaged less in Australia than in any other country bar South Africa, where his only Tests were his last 3, when he was rising 39. Truly remarkable, testament to what a great all-round player he was, against all bowling, in all conditions.)
Smith 26 (13 in Aus, 6 in Eng, 3 in Ind)
Chappell 24 (16 in Aus, 3 in Eng, 3 in NZ)
Langer 23 (15 in Aus, 3 in WI, 2 in Eng)
Warner 23 (17 in Aus, 3 in SA, 2 in Bangladesh, 1 in UAE, 0 in Eng, NZ, India, Sri Lanka, WI. Average of 26 in Eng, comparable to Ponting's in India. However, also averages 24 in India, 13 in NZ - only 2 Tests though - 27 in 3 Tests in Sri Lanka and 27 in 5 Tests in WI. 40 home Tests at 66, 40 away Tests at 33, so half as good away, pretty significant.)

So, Warner is twice as good home as away. A flawed man, and player. But better than any other current opener in the country, by a distance.


Richmond has a better list.
Apr 26, 2004
Embarrassing enough that Yasir had to copy Warner's celebratory leap and bat stroke when hitting the century.


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Jan 18, 2014
Have just seen him bowing to the crowd after they declared. Not in 47 years of watching cricket have I seen a batsman bow to crowd after an innings. Him in a nutshell I reckon.