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Steve Hocking

The Big Richo

Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
Going back and looking at some games from 2020, I don’t see us manning the mark much differently to other teams, everyone was shifting around on the mark and cutting off angles into the corridor. Maybe it was more important to our way of defending, but I don’t see much difference in the way we did it compared to other teams, so the rule change is really a disadvantage to everyone.

I think the 6-6-6 rule was much more of a disadvantage to us and the way we played, we would regularly start with 7 in the back line with Kane lambert starting there and pushing up once the ball bounced, limiting any quick centre breaks for the opposition, and given we were never a high contested possession team this was important. We were still able to overcome it though and win another 2 flags.

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