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2020 Phantom Draft - Covid style


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Aug 16, 2009
With pick 5 Hawthorn bid on braeden campbell. Assuming this is matched they select Will Phillips

Sammy Cougar

Goodness Gracious me The Tigers have got Another
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Mar 6, 2004
Ill take Port Adelaide if still up for grabs
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Dec 1, 2007
Think we have given @Scoop enough time to come on line so i will take this pick and make a bid on
Lachie Jones and will give @Sammy Cougar the chance to match this bid until 8.30 pm tonight if he comes online if not i would be confident its an automatic match.

If Scoop is online prior he is welcome to make a selection


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Dec 8, 2004
Sorry all, got caught in zoom calls al day, I was going to bid on Jones. Basically to force the cross town rivals hand.

Crows will take Zac Reid, put him Fischer McAsey & Josh Worell and you've got the bones of your backline for a decade.

202cm, 82cm. Still growing. Incredibly football athlete for a big man, plays the game as it comes, not just as a tall, has a ground game and reads the ball coming in. Loves to go be the intercept marker. Also blessed with an incredible leap. 202cm, reads the play and has a leap. Darcy Moore/Harris Andrews minus 15kgs.
I had queries about Nik Cox whose similar. I have zero with Reid, he plays a key position, loves to run and jump in packs. Plays big.

Along with Logan McDonald, the Crows are looking for a Buddy/Roughy type setup with these two. And all of a sudden, the Crows have a young core of tall first round picks, the hardest thing in footy to get. Platform to build.

Reckon Reid is one of the bombers triple whammies for sure.

@turk-d-tiger fire away
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