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Callum Coleman-Judas - extricate yourself to Nth Ballarat, you git

Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
He hasn’t played a game yet but we’ve also got Mate Colina ticking away in the background. This would also play a part in any thinking by the club.
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Tiger Legend
Nov 14, 2012
yep, long term thinking ToO.

folks need to remember we may have a gun forward lined up next year, just like we'd been talking to Lynch for more than a year before nabbing him.

no one is saying CCJ can't play, in fact I am a fan.

premiership clubs occasionally trim marbled meat.
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
CJ has the potential to be another Ottens.
It was a big mistake letting Ottens walk.
I'll be gutted if CJ leaves.
Ottens was a far superior player than CCJ. He was dominating games whilst playing at Richmond. CCJ has not done that.
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Eat em alive!!!
Jul 27, 2004
Planet Earth
Probably bring in someone like Casboult as insurance and make a big play for Ben King or someone of that ilk next season. I can see something like this happening.


It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
Ottens was a far superior player than CCJ. He was dominating games whilst playing at Richmond. CCJ has not done that.
I agree that Ottens was a much better player than CJ when he was at Richmond. He had played more games in his first year than CJ has played in 4 years though.
I said in another post that CJ has the "potential" to be another Ottens, he might not end up as good, but given a a regular game CJ will be a very good player.
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Tiger Legend
Mar 2, 2003
Jack - final year
Lynch - stuffed knee
CJ - gone
Chol - gone
no-one else in the cupboard
we need to trade / draft some key forwards
option is to play balta forward
bring in talia and tarrant in the meantime
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King Kong

Tiger Champion
Aug 26, 2016
Confirmed by what?
Confirmed by his rejection of a fair contract offer after staff, players and supporters stood by him after his massive stuff up and $100k fine which he refused to pay.
To instead go and play for the 18th placed team. That is very the definition of campaigner in Australia
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The Big Richo

Staff member
Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
HUGE HUGE mistake if Callum ends up leaving Richmond.

One - which many here - will rue for years to come.

Structurally it leaves a massive hole in our list. Disastrous decision by Blair and Hardwick - not prioritising Callum's contract. Not giving him longer than 2 years and promising him regular game time.

With Chol departing. If Lynch or Riewoldt go down for any periods next year - Who may I ask is going to fill the void.? Soldo? Samson Ryan? Or pulling Balta out of defence?

Accurate goal kicking ruckmen - who are just as proficient playing forward - are rare as hens teeth. Years of development down the drain.

What for.

Maintaining the salary/playing status of a legend of the club - Who as a rising 33yr old should have retired gracefully this year.

Riewoldt's form this year (1 good game in 4) is a portend of what is to come in 2022.

That's a great post, Blofield.
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Tiger Matchwinner
Mar 2, 2005
Jack - final year
Lynch - stuffed knee
CJ - gone
Chol - gone
no-one else in the cupboard
we need to trade / draft some key forwards
option is to play balta forward
bring in talia and tarrant in the meantime

CCJ and Chol leaving (assuming they do) doesn't bother me too much. We've seen peak Chol - he's had many years to iron out the inconsistency in his game, but he's as flaky as ever and there's nothing to suggest that next year will be any different.

CCJ reminds me of Ben Griffiths. Can take a mark, can kick a goal, can sort of ruck, but doesn't dominate games. Reasonably good at VFL level, but kind of meh when promoted. And let's face it, the genuinely good talls don't languish in the VFL. Most of the time, they're playing AFL early and having a genuine impact. That being said, I'd prefer CCJ to stay - the last couple of seasons have been weird, and it's hard to get a good feel for where he's genuinely at. But if he really is going to leave, now's the time to do it while his trade value is being pumped up by the media.

Don't really see Talia and Tarrant as being the answer - assuming they'd get on the park in the first place, would their output be that much different from a Miller/Garthwaite one-two punch? Defence doesn't really worry me anyway - two pretty handy recruits in Broad and Balta should make a bit of a difference next season.

Drafting tall forwards is hard. And will be harder this year given lack of exposed form in junior grades. If there's a dead cert gun Jack replacement available at one of our picks, great - but I'd say the odds are against. I think trading makes more sense, especially while we're still an attractive destination for success-starved talls killing time in chump teams. Only question is who's available?

And the cupboard's not completely bare. Caddy can kick a bunch of goals playing forward. Dusty will spend more time forward as the years go on. Lynch isn't going anywhere, and missing the finals series will give him a chance to rejuvenate. MRJ will get better with time. Cumberland is promising. Nank and Soldo can both take a mark and kick a goal. Ryan isn't ready, but he looks genuinely good.

Maybe we have time to draft and develop a speculative tall or two after all.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 11, 2010
There are a lot of good posts about why we should keep CCJ and ideally we should but if the reported deal with North is correct ( $400-$450 for 4-5 years) I can understand a hesitancy to match that. List management has an element of risk and judgement and I would perfectly understand not wanting to pay him at that level.
I can also understand why a 22 year old would take a deal like that. He could stay at Richmond and do an acl next year.
That is the nature of an industry with a salary cap.
My view is that he could well become a good player, even very good, but he isn’t anywhere near that atm. Unfortunate collateral damage of winning 3 premierships
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