Danny Frawley


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Aug 18, 2004
Anita Frawleys statement was really powerful and positive.

a proper destigmatising statement.

She highlighted the real, fatal consequences of poorly treated depression

and eluded to there fact that medication regimes are often

like shooting flies with a shotgun.

Spud was feeling a million bucks, bullet proof Anita said.

dare I venture probably for two reasons. 1. The meds are designed to get some serotonin and dopamine squirting, but its a very imprecise science. These things work pretty good and a patient easily gets too much juice, and feels really good. and who needs pills and doctors when you feel really good?; Feeling too good has consequences too. You can make some risky decisions, say some risky things, burn bridges; and 2. The relief that comes from scrambling your way out of a seemingly bottomless, slimy, dark pit produces its own natural euphoria. You're looking at The Devil disappearing in the rear vision mirror. Your soul has flown back into your body, and the sun and the moon and the stars are throwing beautiful shadows all of a sudden. So who wants to pay a shrink $300 to talk about the footy really fast and risk having the doc put the bit back over the tongue?

So, yeah.

Thanks Anita for being so damn honest, and sharing that really important pragmatic message when its the last thing you felt like doing.

please note, I am not suggesting people do not use pharmaceuticals to treat depression.

I am suggesting 1. do so under the supervision of a shrink you trust (GP's can be pretty **** at managing depression. If its bad, have a loved one ask around for a good shrink and get a referral off your doc and go see them; most shrinks are batshit crazy but they can be very good hand with a hand on the tiller of the brain. I find a good simple measure of a shrink is how they respond when you or a loved one asks them 'can you bulk bill, we are a bit skint at the moment?' ) and 2. Trust your loved ones and the feedback they give you about your mood and behaviour. 3. understand that you are probably a whole heap of meat stretched over bone, controlled by hormones and chemicals (sure, your love of Richmond is a real and intangible thing that defies biology and meditation works), and your own insight, feedback and care from your loved ones and some professional supervision will get the machine working good again.

Finally, depressed people are my heroes. whether they get out of bed or not, whether they slay the dragon or not, whether they come to the realisation that we are all in this together, or not.
Did it say anything about they been separated?


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Mar 17, 2003
Just finished watching Spud's funeral service on Fox, it was fantastic, very sad and very funny.
There was great tributes from Wayne Campbell, Brendon Gale and Noel Duncan.
Wayne Schwass also spoke very movingly, and with a message that it's ok to have vulnerabilities.


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Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
His tribute of his so many friends & family at his funeral was both moving, tears and reinforced the fragility of us men.

Wonderful hearing Wayne Campbell & Brendan Gale on behalf of the RFC shows what the present club is all about. He was ahead of his time.

Wayne Swatter spoke beautifully of his struggles, that’s it’s ok to feel vulnerable , to cry, be emotional and of his love of Danny.

Bloody tough day and an hour and a half of listening to it on SEN.

Congratulations to SEN.

In the words of Danny’ you will never walk alone’.

Guys we are not alone. If you feel lost or alone speak to your friend(s), Family and if you can’t tour GP who can direct you to the appropriate services.

Fast becoming the No 1 killer of men is this dreadful dreadful illness.
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Apr 1, 2003
The saddest thing is that if Danny could have seen all this love he would never had gotten to the point he did.

Depression is a hard one. Unfortunately unless you have been there it is extremely hard to understand the psyche of the individual. You don't think about consequences and others. You only think about what is affecting you and how much of a dissapointment you are. You only see your failings and not what makes you great.
Having dealt with my own mental demons I can tell you it is a very, very tough road to travel.
For a long time I saw people with depression and anxiety as weak. I thought why cant you just snap out of it. Can't be that hard. Just change your way of thinking. Unfortunately it just ain't that easy.
Suicide though is just a shame and waste of a life.
His poor family.
Never met the bloke and never knew him so not sure why this has touched me as much as it has.

Sometimes we think that people close to us just know that we love them. Perhaps we need to show and say it more often.
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Dec 11, 2017
Very well done on that banner, proud to see our cheer squad paying respect where it is due.

We have become a great club and this is more evidence of a healthy culture we need to make sure we hold on to.