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Global Warming


Tear 'em apart
Sep 10, 2003
These ads during the cricket, which we are paying for, spruiking the Commonwealth Governments green credentials, when they don't have any, are beyond infuriating.

Hides like smiling rhinocerouses.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
2021 6th warmest on record, yes folks, climate change is happening and we are already seeing the impacts.

6th warmest is quite startling really, as Yale Climate Connections states:

The global warmth in 2021 is all the more striking as it occurred near the minimum of the weakest solar cycle in more than 100 years and during a year dominated by La Niña conditions — factors which tend to cool the globe. The warmth of 2021 is a testament to how significantly human-caused global warming is heating the planet.

It ain't the Sun, it is happening despite a La Nina . . . it's human activity which is the cause.

Full article here:

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