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Apr 6, 2014
An already weak International team weakened further by the missing LIV players Smith, Niemann etc.

Still, I’m wondering if it isn’t all too hard bringing players together from 5 different continents. Some of the Asian players speak very limited English. It’s gotta be hard.

How bad is Adam Scott’s record in partner matches in the President’s Cup ? Geez. He’s 5-3 in individual matches but a shocking 11-19 and 6 halves in partner matches. Drove it *smile* today.
Agree with all that. Think Scottie is very decent fellow, but just not mentally that tough. In AFL lingo, just lacks any mongrel. He's probably a better striker of the ball than Spieth (not short game/putting!), but Spieth has 'mongrel' - to get back into contention, never-say-die kind of attitude. Scottie wilts at the vital moments.
Typically, great birdie then gives it straight back with a bogey.
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Mr Brightside

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Jul 1, 2005
Speith continues to be on great terms with the golfing gods ;) he and JT are like watching a couple of 15 year olds play .

Its a totally different passion the US play with , maybe it’s not a bad thing to bring the ladies in , maybe It could even the talents up a bit .

Finding that the golfing community is very split re LIV golf , golfers either hate the PGA or love it .