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Grand Final 2020 Thread Richmond Vs Geelong / Game Day Thread


Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
Yep, 3 of ‘em. So far.
Three! Fancy having to take your pick. Three, like which is your favourite child.
Bloody three of ‘em :D

We moved to Melbourne at the start of 1974, but Richmond was already my VFL Team.

I only vaguely remember 1973, actually remember more that Subiaco won the WANFL for the first time in 49 years.

1974 I remember well, listened on the radio. 1980 I was there, last Grand Final I managed to get to.

So, I have 6 to choose from :D

I tell you what though, those 37 years in the middle still cause me to doubt when the team is having an off day, I don't remember doubting back in the 70s.

Good times now, time to enjoy them.

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Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
New era has heard the Tiger army

New era 2020 premiership caps are now available for pre order through the Superstore
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Mar 1, 2015
Our final (full) day as reigning premier...... and though this year didn't go quite to plan.....

The joy the club has brought to my life remains!

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Aegean Tiger

Tiger Superstar
Aug 27, 2008
Looking forward to the game. Really hope that the game is a contest unlike both prelims. Difficult to maintain momentum playing 1 game in 4 weeks.

Dogs to win by 16.


A Tiger in Denmark
Aug 9, 2003
Looking at the first post in this thread, BrisTiger24 posts (talking about the Prelim win over Port) "We beat the team that was on top of the ladder all year on their home deck.".
I checked and it's true. Granted the season was only 18 rounds, and the flowing nature of the draw means it would be questionable what constituted a "round" in 2020 (at times there was a game on every day), but according to this page, Port are on top at the end of every round:
How rare would that be (whether the team went on to win the flag or not)?
I hadn't realized that ... Herculean effort that flag.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
2020 was a massive win in retrospect I agree.

No wonder the boys couldnt get up again this year, the effort taken to pull that off was massive.

A great Historic Victory for numerous reasons.
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