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Ivan Soldo

No 4

I did what I did for the Tigers - Bridget
Feb 11, 2005
Bloody oath! He just kept improving each game second half of last season right up until the gf. How good can he get?
I think it was the last quarter where Parfitt run into him. Parfitt dropped like a sack of potatoes and Ivan just stood there. He is very strong bodied.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Will be #1 ruck come round 1.

Nanks still on way back from groin surgery.

Question which will be answered over next 4 weeks will be whether Nank makes it back to join Ivan against the Blues.

Nanks behind post surgery, Balta return to Pre Season in not ideal shape.

CCJ might be a chance of some early game time especially in the praccy matches.

Maybe we might see the return of Choldo in the pre season games.


Tiger Champion
Feb 25, 2008
Ivan has transformed into a great ruck. Takes a good grab and floats into the right spots behind the ball. Handy set shot too.