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Moon Landing - Fact or fiction?

Do you think the US put astronauts on the moon almost 40 years ago?

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Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
I voted fact.

imagine what Donald Trump would have tweeted if he was president then?

#suck our arse Russia. we got here first and there's no cheese.
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Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
The Americans have apprently been there & gained the science 50 years ago. Why has no other country ever gone there? Do they just accept their version?
There was sweet FA gained from landing on the moon other than the equipment and process needed to land. From a scientific stand point the moon is a waste of time.

Others haven't gone because they couldn't be the first and they now know there is nothing to be gained from landing.

Who's version am I accepting? Who have the alternate versions?

Multiple landings. If they were all faked it would have leaked. No one can keep a secret that big for that long. Death bed confessions would have happened at a minimum, much like the famous loch NESS photo


Richmond has a better list.
Apr 26, 2004
Just heard from my mother's sister in-law's daughter's son's second cousin's uncle's brother that he's good friends with Neil Armstrong and was told it was all fake and filmed at Walt Disney Studios.
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A Tiger in Denmark
Aug 9, 2003
Doesn't matter.
If it was a hoax, I would argue that keeping all the people who would have to have been in on it quiet would have been a greater achievement than actually going.
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Jun 28, 2019
Doesn't matter.
If it was a hoax, I would argue that keeping all the people who would have to have been in on it quiet would have been a greater achievement than actually going.
the laugh face didnt do my reaction justice. I actually heartily guffawed out loud for about 20 seconds.

edit. had another 20 second outburst.


something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
I reckon if it were a hoax then A LOT of people have kept the secret for 50 years (which we know is impossible)


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Nov 25, 2004
Not getting into any debunking on this thread but this story of how Australia's radiotelescopes were used to relay the moon landing TV signals to Houston is a good read. Goes into some of the technical detail as well.

'They nailed it': how a little dish in Australia broadcast the moon landing to the world



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Dec 11, 2017
Yeah, it happened.

A couple of things though:

1) yep, the Moon is a Dingo's Toilet. Not much to see, bloody hard to get to and really not much point. It proved we could go beyond Earth's gravity, it also proved just how bloody hard it is to do so. It was worth doing as it is just so significant that we could get to another place, a place that is not Earth. But once done, there was little point doing it again. I am 2 episodes through the doco being shown on SBS and I was thinking it is around 47 years since we last left Earth's gravity. Amazing they managed this.

2) it was a race for prestige with the great rival in the USSR. What the USA did was to bludgeon their way to the moon. They built a bloody big rocket and got to the Moon on a wing and a prayer. They used and developed the technology at hand just to beat the USSR to the Moon. The problem is that the Apollo programme had one goal, get to the Moon no matter what. They stretched all of their capabilities, they stretched the technology, they compensated for the fact that the Moon really should have been to hard. The fact they managed to get there, land someone on the surface, and get them back safely was truly amazing. Trouble is, they pushed so far there was no next step. It ended up being a dead end. I read a very good article on how the Apollo programme likely ended up setting space travel back for decades because it was a dead end. That programme could get to the Moon but was little help in getting any further. If you live in Melbourne go to StKilda, there is a model of the Solar system which runs from near StKilda Marina to Port Melbourne. The Sun is near the Marina, the Earth is a couple of hundred metres away, the outer planets are in Albert Park and I never get as far as Pluto (I ride to work along the beach path). The Moon is inches (ok, centimetres) from Earth, Mars is metres away. The Moon took 2.5 days to get to at very fast speeds, Mars would take years.

There have been technological spinoffs: teflon, velcro, I'm sure there are more I can't think of.

The irony at the moment is that the main rocket being used to go to space now is the same rockets the Soviets developed in the 60s.

We need some huge technological breakthroughs along with huge breakthroughs in physics if we are ever going to go much further than the Moon. Hopefully one day, unfortunately I don't think in my lifetime. I might have been 3 years old when we first went to the Moon but I have vague memories of it, it is hard to explain just how amazing it was.

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Apr 6, 2014
Been up late building my Lego Saturn V rocket ready for our Moon Landing Party. They got there alright, I saw that bloody big rocket take-off and stood in the foyer of Melbourne Teachers College watching it as it happened. They definitely had the technology to do it thanks to a plethora of German and American scientists who worked on the Apollo program and we're interviewed this week on numerous doco's. Of course those who think it was all a hoax probably wouldn't bother watching that evidence in case it upset their ridiculous opinion because that's all it is. In fact it is an insult to the thousands of unsung heroes who worked on the whole Apollo program. All of the hoax 'evidence' is nonsense bs and has been debunked by those who were part of that amazing achievement. It's really quite sad. I wonder of the naysayers also believe the earth is flat and pictures of our earth as a sphere are just trick photography or photoshopped! If you want a good hoax story watch Capricorn One...now that was Hollywood fiction.
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Tigers of Old

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Jul 26, 2004
On a serious note, all you sceptic fruitcakes will have to finally eat humble pie shortly. The Japanese are planning orbital missions around the moon to photograh it in detail for the first time. What does this mean you ask? Well if the Yanks were indeed there, there should be a beat up Kingswood (probably on blocks now), half a dozen golf balls, a few flags, and a sign saying "Neil woz ere" on the surface. And if this doesn't do the trick, the Chinese plan to be there next decade.

Neither of the above ever happened to my knowledge. Another country going back would certainly reveal genuine evidence the Americans were ever there 50 years ago.

This vision of Apollo 17 is the one I can get out of my head. Seriously looks straight out of a cheap sci fi movie.