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Goldposts - The best of Punt Road End


Mar 1, 2015
Always ahead of the curve. Tigers training on the Gold Coast for playing footy during the coronavirus era. Number 13 is in the bag!

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Did they know something...?
if I knew how to quote across threads larabee, id put that on gold posts, for prosperity

bubble footy. hahaha. very good

Probably didn't do it the correct way ..... but I think I got it where you wanted it to go @eZyT
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Jun 28, 2019
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Dec 17, 2002
George has just perfectly executed a right foot snap to goal to take the scores to 50-33 with the clock stopped at 9:08 plus time on remaining in Q3.

Nankervis loses the centre bounce tap to Bailey Williams but follows up and hunts Dom Sheed with a winning mixture of tenacity and athleticism. (The latter of which is cause for optimism; Nank might yet hit peak form in the 2020 campaign.)

Sheed watches on incredulously as the ball spills and Thomson Dow’s timely arrival initiates a chain of vintage Richmond ball movement. Castagna and Bolton link in the corridor at incredible velocity. The ball seems to go to the teeth of the tiger goal in an instant. Synapse speed. Soldo is playing full forward. He has the ascendancy and draws a free kick but won the ball anyway. He goals. Vintage Richmond ball movement always results in a goal but this was a combination of heroes not seen in 2017 or 2019.

Dimma isn’t being kind when he keeps both rucks on the field. And he doesn’t waiver at the next bounce. Instead, he arrogantly swaps the magnets. Soldo ruck. Now Nankervis goes to full forward.

NicNat comes back on to stop the rot. And things do go a little better at the centre bounce for the Eagles with their talisman returning to the field. But there is too much heat on the clearance, so the eagles move forward in stuttering increments.

The most influential efforts on this West Coast play are Richmond’s. Bachar smothers. Baker tackles. Marlion mauls and wings Ah-Chee in the Eagle’s pocket. Baw-wull. Free kick.

Unsatisfied with imperiously repelling West Coast’s best attacking effort, Marlion looks further a field and pinpoints Dustin Martin on half back who marks and swivels. Bombs high to half forward. Barrass flies high at a spoil but that makes things worse. Aarts prowls then pounces on the crumb. Graham menaces on the outside and surges forward to receive. He draws an undisciplined free from Barrass, who takes a cheap shot in clear frustration at the lack of support at the fall. Graham gets a clear kick off to the new full forward Toby Nankervis before being decked, and Nank receives a down field free kick on a tight angle. On the left footer’s side. He goals.

Full forward is a cushy job at Richmond. Just ask the ruckmen. But this period of play was all Dimma laying down the law to one of the game’s premier tacticians in Adam Simpson.

Mr Magnanimous has been a little bit less so of late. And against West Coast he didn’t let the football do the talking. He deliberately involved himself to brag in front of a serious rival. And at the stroke of three quarter time, the cameras cut to a close up with Adam Simpson with his head in his hands.
A bit of poetry is always appreciated.
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Jun 28, 2019
mjbs eavesdropping gold from the Bondi mafia white Christmas meeting with Buddy and The Brothely Bookie (and our non-plussed Dusty)

mjb said:
Dustys inside info: “If we’re within 20 points of Geelong in a final, load up”
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